Please note the text below is for reference only as we officially ceased operations now.

Hardware design and assembly

We design mixed-signal PCBs with Eagle CAD up to 6 layers. The integration of RF components with high-speed switching devices such as FPGAs requires careful placement and often EMI shielding. Also the contribution of Power Supply noise is not negligible when proper isolation from the analog components of the board is not considered. If you have a special requirement do not hesitate to contact us!

For small prototype or demonstrators production, we hand-assemble the boards. For 10+ assembly works, we refer to our specialized business partner.

Software development

We write optimized code in C and assembly, mainly for two different targets:
  1. Intel architectures from Nehalem onwards for high-end Digital Signal Processing software on multi-core general purpose CPU with the SSE4.2 instruction set.
  2. ARM Cortex
    • M3 for extremely low-power applications where multiple sensors are required.
    • A8 onwards for GHz performance on mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, and PNDs.
With experience with GNU software tools for direct and cross compilation, we guarantee portability across Windows and Linux

Technical documentation

As output of a consultancy, we can provide professional quality technical documentation.


We offer training in:
  • Satellite Navigation Receiver and Transmitter architectures
  • Scientific Software Development applied to GNSS and Digital Signal Processing
  • Navigation and Communication equipment design, manufacture, and assembly