Education and training:

    Computer science engineering at University of Pisa

    Sep 1997 to Jul 2003

MSc on Robotics and Automation with 108/110 marks and thesis “Study of control methods for variable stiffness robotic arms”.



Grantholder at the EC JRC – Apr 2013 to March 2016

Independent consultant – Feb 2011 to Feb 2016

I started as self-employed consultant in GNSS technologies (receivers and transmitters), HW design and integration, SW development for Intel and ARM Cortex.


Senior Navigation Engineer at NSL (UK) - Dec 2007 to Jan 2011

I joined the company searching for new challenges in my career. At first I brought my experience in GNSS receivers and developed an automotive GPS/Galileo/SBAS software receiver. I then moved into PCB design and integration of GNSS hardware as an enabler of SDR GNSS applications. Since PRIMO was developed, I could provide NSL with and end-to-end L1 multi-constellation receiver capability. From there two major exploitation routes have been followed: a high end multi-frequency SDR GNSS receiver for x86 multi-core platforms (and its relevant front-end) for use in high value markets and a miniaturised L1 software receiver for ARM platforms to use in low-power and size applications. In my third year at NSL, the company will commercialise a set of new products that I have designed in order to establish itself as worldwide provider of SDR GNSS receivers and expertise.


Navigation engineer at Intecs S.p.A (IT) - Dec 2006 to Nov 2007

I worked in the space division developing software for GNSS signal processing and navigation. I have been mainly involved in three activities: SoftrecG3, a post-processing SDR receiver and analysis tool for all Galileo navigation signals now marketed as gLab; Nadia, a multi-function personal navigation and LBS device for visually impaired presented at ENC 2009; Nanoform and MIOsat, two projects respectively on GNSS receivers for formation flight and standalone navigation in low Earth orbit scenarios.


Chief Engineer at DISAPS (NL) - Feb 2006 to Nov 2006

I was appointed and relocated to the Netherlands as chief engineer at DISAPS VOF, a start-up born as Dutch spin-off of Intecs S.p.A. and physically located at the European Space Incubator in ESTEC, Noordwijk. I have been managing the Company to raise funds for the PossybliCom project, a portable and accessible personal GPS/EGNOS navigator for visually impaired.

In the meantime I supported my former colleagues in Italy on the development of a combined Galileo-GPS L1 real-time software receiver.


Navigation engineer at Intecs S.p.A (IT) - Jun 2004 to Jan 2006

Substantially appointed as software engineer, I have been the technical responsible for the ESA-funded Soft-Rec project. A multi-channel GPS/EGNOS software receiver was developed in collaboration with the University of Pisa. The receiver was one of the first GPS/EGNOS capable of real-time continuous operation on Intel/Linux platform. During this period I also developed an USB driver for RTLinux and managed the relationships with our partners.


Software analyst at ISAC S.r.L (IT) - Jan 2004 to May 2004

I worked in industrial automation company, as a programmer. My duties were MS Windows XP Embedded operating system design and programming numerical controlled machines.


Researcher at University of Pisa (IT) - Aug 2003 to Dec 2003

I worked at Interdepartmental Research Centre “E. Piaggio” under a contract entitled “Study, project and development of actuators for intrinsically safe haptic interfaces”.



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Luis Tarazona, Michele Bavaro, "Precisio RF Front-End"Proceedings of Navitec 2010, December 2010




Italian:         MOTHER TONGUE

English:        FLUENT


Technical skills and competences


§  High-end multi-core x86 based computer platform

§  Embedded computer architectures (x86 and ARM)

§  GPS/Galileo RF front end development and integration

§  Mixed signal PCB design


§  Operating systems:

Windows, Linux, Windows XP Embedded, Symbian.

§  Office automation:

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project.

§  Technical computing:

Matlab, Simulink, Octave, Gnuplot.

§  Programming language tools:

GNU GCC, x86 and ARM Assembly, Microsoft Visual C++ and C#, Microchip C18.

§  Hardware design:

Cadsoft Eagle, Xilinx ISE.



I love sport in general, and socialising. It’s probably because of it that I have been playing volleyball at a very decent level since the age of 14, and as an amateur now I enjoy the competition and fairplay in it. In my spare time, I always love sharing moments with a good bunch of fellow mates.

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