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At the end of 2012 Texas Instruments released a powerful transmitter chip: the AFE7070.
We received some samples and designed a Record and Playback system with it.

We called it SdrSim10, and it will be in test phase very soon!
The main components are:
- Maxim MAX21xx Satellite TV tuner 
- Maxim MAX195xx ADC 
- Xilinx Spartan3A FPGA (XC3S200AVQ100)
- Cypress FX2LP USB high-speed microcontroller
- TI CDCM6208 Clock generation and distribution chip
- TI AFE7070 Dual DAC, DDS, quadrature modulator, and more!
- Minicircuits fixed and digital variable attenuator(s)
- ADI ADF4351 Wideband Synthesizer

If you want to exchange ideas with us about SdrSim10 please feel free to contact  us