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uBlox NEO-6P/T

uBlox receivers -despite their indisputable good quality- have rarely populated our pages because they are expensive to buy in small quantities.
This is now changed with the availability of NEO-6 modules for timing (6T) and PPP (6P). The Swiss manufacturer makes a point with two modules which are to be considered the reference product for low-cost, high precision applications.

The NEO-6P now on the shelves provides better than 1metre accuracy (2D) in standalone mode for low-dynamic scenarios. And provides raw measurements too.

The NEO-6T has -to our knowledge- the market's highest ratio between timing accuracy and cost, delivering a PPS precise down to 15 nanoseconds and a second timing signal up to 10MHz. And provides raw measurements too.

We assemble NEO-6P and NEO-6T on our Rappen product family. Check out Rappen10 for a simple USB dongle, or Rappen10LogBt for a more complex wireless receiver+data logger.