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Skytraq Venus638FLP

The Venus368lp has still one features that are is matched by any other low cost chip: the 20Hz update rate. It is a good reason to keep it here in our hall-of-fame.

There are a lot of things special about this receiver: 
  • the top sensitivity (-165dBm), 
  • the power consumption (50mA @3.3V MAX), 
  • the size (1cm2 with TCXO, antenna bias sensor, and flash), 
  • the internal flash ram to store up to 75k positions, 
  • the automatic support for an external flash for data logging
  • 20Hz positioning rate
We really would like to know what is 20Hz rate for! Supposedly, someone might want to track a rocket, or a bird in free fall to catch its prey, or a pretty fast car for immersive reality games. It's all about the limitations in terms of acceleration then?
Michele Bavaro,
11 Mar 2011, 01:02