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Skytraq S4554GNS-LP

Always following the trend of introducing affordable but "exotic" GNSS receivers, here is the Skytraq S4544GNS-LP.

Glonass, the Russian navigation system is growing fast, being very close now to have a fully operational constellation (link).

Skytraq has released since quite some time now a dual constellation low-cost module. Its power consumption is not very low, but for a first revision of the chip is certainly acceptable. We are going to integrate these onto a more user-friendly and robust Eval-Kit to carry some side-by-side test in automotive environment.

An additional constellation always benefits the position fix availability in urban scenario!

In the downloads below, a FW update sent by Skytraq which enables RAW measurements on GPS and Glonass for the S4554GNS-LP, as well as the application note that explains how to translate the binary messages.
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30 Nov 2012, 07:08
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11 Mar 2011, 01:01
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30 Nov 2012, 07:06