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Skytraq S1315F RAW

How long have we searched for a module like this one! We have even developed a software receiver just to get hold of the pseudorange, carrier Doppler and phase out of a receiver. 

Having the so called "raw" measurements from a GNSS receiver allows for fancy-math algorithms that combine measurements from one or more receivers.  There are multiple reasons to do so:
  1. Knowing a-priori the absolute position of one receiver (say, reference) it is possible to measure the errors introduced by the system and therefore improve the quality of the position of the other one (say, rover). This is usually called DGPS (Differential GPS). There is a very good software from Technical Consultant Tomoji Takasu called RTKLIB which uses this receiver, check it out.
  2. Not caring at all about the receivers' absolute position in the world, but just relative to each other with very high accuracy. A sailing race would be a typical scenario where it's a little bit difficult to mount laser measuring systems, but you definitely want to know which boat was ahead of the others at the arrival.

Note 1:
The most should be aware that this receiver by default outputs raw observations in Skytraq-proprietary binary format at 20Hz on a serial port at 115200, 8N1. NMEA can be enabled using Skytraq's GPSViewer software.

Note 2:
To find some interesting results of this receiver with RTKLIB check Michele's Blog here.