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Contributors get a free receiver

posted 7 Jul 2012, 01:15 by Michele Bavaro
We are constantly updating our designs, but our overall development time is limited :(

Recently we branched from our most popular USB receiver offering (Yuan10, Rappen10, Denga10) a logger suite (Yuan10Log, Rap10Log, Denga10Log - soon to be on the website). The HW platform we chose is STM32F102/3 + uSDHC card - that is non negotiable unfortunately :)

At the moment the simple VCP (Virtual COM port) FW is working but we would like to:
1) have DFU (Device FW upgrade over USB)
2) have FatFS (or equivalent with support to SDHC) for logging what comes from the GNSS serial port
3) composite VCP/MSC
4) DUART/QUART (composite 2xVCP or 4xVCP)
..and others in the future maybe.

Anyone who could contribute to development of the FW can buy one of those new receivers and will get the schematics and the current FW source code (GCC+Eclipse).
If he/she will be able to introduce a new functionality -subject to our approval naturally- his/her modifications will be merged and he/she will be refunded the entire cost of one receiver (one per functionality)!

Hope to hear from you soon :)